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Art Discussion Group - Malta



2018 Programme:- 

158th:   Joseph Martin Risiott - 18th June

157th:   Alfred Camilleri - 21st May

156th:   George Farrugia - 17th Apr

155th:   Paul Scerri - 12th Mar

154th:   Matthew Mirabelli - 13th Feb

153rd:   Peter Micallef and Joseph Zammit - 29th Jan

2017 Programme:-

152nd:  Debbie Bonello - 18th December

151st:  George Muscat - 29th November

150th:  Andrew Borg - 24th October

149th:  Patrick Scicluna - 22nd June

148th:  Alex Attard - 30th May

147th:  Last Supper Display - 11th Apr

146th:  Grace Cassar - 28th Mar

145th:  Ray Azzopardi - 28th Feb

144th:  Darren Tanti - 17th Jan

2016 Programme:-

143rd:  Charles Busuttil - 12th Dec

142nd: Matthew Cassar & Darren Spiteri - 29th Nov

141st:  C Cavallo, S Barthet and A Farrugia - 31st Oct

140th:  Annemarie Hoogvliet-Weijers - 21st June

139th:  Pauline Grech - 30th May

138th:  Anthony Lucian Cauchi 

            and Censu Fenech - 25th April

137th:  George Scicluna - 30th March

136th:  Rik Van Colen - 29th February

135th:  Paul Scerri - 20th January 

2015 Programme:-

134th:  Stephen Grima - 9th December

133rd:  Joseph Muscat & 

            Deborah Zarb Marmara - 24th November

132nd: John Vic Borg - 7th October

131st:  Louis Agius - 16th June

130th:  Ray Axiaq - 19th May

129th:  Antoine Farrugia - 22nd April

128th:  Charles Busuttil - 24th March

127th:  Matthew Cassar - 18th February

126th:  Joseph Baldacchino - 8th January

2014 Programme:-

125th:  George Apap - 16th December

124th:  Lida Sherafatmand - 26th November

123rd:  Darren Spiteri - 30th October

122nd: Keith Balzan - 17th June

121st:  Mario Borg - 29th May

120th:  Alison Fenech Gasan - 16th April

119th:  Sam Sultana - 25th March

118th:  Noel Attard - 14th February

117th:  Grace Cassar - 16th January

2013 Programme:-

116th:  Vincent Centorino - 9th December

115th:  Joe Agius - 20th November

114th:  Neville Ferry - 17th October

113rd:  Marie Therese Vassallo - 27th June

112nd: Michael Vella - 21st May

111th:  Anthony Lucian Cauchi - 25th April

110th:  George Muscat - 13th March

109th:  Louis Mifsud - 21st February

108th:  Fransina Abela - 15th January

2012 Programme:-

107th:  The Voodoo Gurus Band - 12 December

106th:  Dolores Lungaro-Mifsud - 22nd November

105th:  Anna Miggiani - 24th October

104th:  Ray Piscopo - 26th June

103rd:  Luciano Schifano – 29th May

102nd: Joseph Martin Risiott – 26th April

101st:  David Frank Bugeja – 28th March

100th:  Wistin Baldacchino - 28th February

  99th:  Mary Portelli – 24th January


Tribute to Neville Ferry


Tribute to Pawlu Axiaq, ADG founder



Joseph Martin Risiott

- Monday 18th June 2018

the Gozitan artist 

George Scicluna during 

Meeting Artist event...



The 158th ADG Meeting Artist:

Joseph Martin Risiott - artistic explorer of the 

afterlife and the cosmos

- 158th meeting on Monday 18th June 2018 at 19.30hrs 
at St. Mary Band Club, Qrendi (near parish church) 





at the China Cultural Centre, 

Melita Street, Valletta

Open to public: from 25 June 2018


           The names of the artists:
       Aaron Bezzina
      John Vic Borg
      Stephen Grima
      Matthew Mirabelli
      Enrique Tabone

        curated by E. V. Borg

1) Link to official Valleta 2018 Foundation Endorsement feature 
in Maltese and in English
2) Link to Matthew Mirabelli`s Mp4 on Guizhou photography

Dates and Venues:

Venue #1: The Parliament of Malta, Freedom Square, Valletta

Open to the Public: 19th January – 28th February 2018 (excluding Public Holidays)

Monday – Friday 9:00hrs to 17:00 hrs

Saturday-Sunday 09:30hrs to 12:30 hrs

Entrance is free


Venue #2: Level 0, SkyParks Business Centre, Malta International Airport, Gudja

Open to the Public: 1st March - 1st June, 2018

Entrance is free


Venue #3: Exhibition Hall 1, Ministry for Gozo, St Francis Square, Victoria, Gozo (except on Public Holidays)  

Open to the Public: 8th - 29th June, 2018 (excluding Public Holidays)

(8 - 5 June) Monday – Friday 8.30 hrs – 16.30pm

(16 -29 June) Monday – Friday 8:15 hrs to 12:45 hrs

Entrance is free


Venue #4: Renoir Gallery, Cavalieri Art Hotel, Water`s Edge, Spinola Road, St. Julians Open to the Public: 30th June - 30st August, 2018 Entrance is free

Info: Phone: +356 21225055; Email: [email protected]


Pawlu Axiaq, the founder of the Art Discussion Group passed away on 21. 04. 2015 aged 92. He was our Honorary President for life. Although it is sad to announce his demise yet his unfailing enthusiasm, his forceful leadership, the hard work to bring together artists into a close-knit family will long be cherished and appreciated.We are all indebted to his generous contribution to society and remembered for his outstanding career as a tenor. During the April ADG Meeting Artist event we thought of him in silence. Click here for some archival images of Pawlu Axiaq at some of the ADG events.