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Art Discussion Group - Malta

141st Meeting Artist

Three Artists: Catherine Cavallo, Simon Barthet and Antoine Farrugia

The 141st Art Discussion Group Meeting will be held on Monday 31st October 2016 at 19.30hrs at St. Mary Band Club, (main hall), Qrendi, next to parish church –(driving towards Luqa Airport, through the tunnel towards Mqabba, Qrendi is next. drive to the centre of Qrendi and park near the Parish Church). ADG is inviting Catherine Cavallo, Simon Barthet, both painters and Antoine Farrugia, a sculptor who took part in the China Art & Culture Project last summer and are mounting an exhibition of their work in December 2016 at the China Cultural Centre. During the presentation of their work on screen the artists will answer questions on their vision, concept, aesthetics and technique.

Catherine Cavallo (1963- ) is an Expressionist at the peak of her creativity. With great ‘disinvoltura’ she evokes atmosphere, freezes the moment and movement, interprets character, reads gesture and articulates physiognomy. She has always been captivated in interpreting the language of faces and human gesture. In her boundless enthusiasm for life her scenarios palpitate, pulsate and vibrate with a sensuality that is quite orgiastic.

Simon Barthet (1971-) has made his mark as a master of painting technique and a warm, emotional colourist. Influenced by his grandfather Esprit Barthet (1919-99), Simon has studied Cezanne, especially the still life, so powerful and dynamic, bearing the seeds of Cubism. A characteristic still life, is that with oranges, white ceramic plate and blue pot and cup placed on a creased tablecloth with dramatic folds to capture light and shadow. 

The generous and warm colours, the light flooded volumes, tangible masses and defined space demonstrate certain bravura, a jovial sensuousness and an extrovert nature. Simon is known for his portraits and landscapes. Tradition for the man is a fount of communal knowledge and wisdom, the source of experience transformed into expression.

‘Pure Form’ by Antione Farrugia (1969-) crystallizes his work as his shapes are forms in space in perfect harmony and balance. Their simplicity is the hallmark of his oeuvre and since they are pure and perfect they are minimalist in essence. The profound harmony and balance of the modules produce a musical and lyrical rhythm that charms the heart and mind. His works are timeless though influenced by ancient and modern expression. There is a rare delicacy and unique elegance in his tactile works.

ADG invites all members and their friends and the public to enjoy meeting Catherine Cavallo, Simon Barthet and Antoine Farrugia.

E V Borg

6 Oct 2016