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Agostino Baldacchino - Human Warmth

‘Human Warmth’, is the title of an itinerant exhibition of photography the work of Agostino (Wistin) Baldacchino (b.1949) and a catalogue/book (120pp) launched at the Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de La Salle in Republic Street, Valletta  on Thursday 13th February 2014 at 7.30pm. The sponsors of this cultural and artistic event are: Valletta Fund Management (VFM); Art Discussion Group (ADG); Cavalieri Art Hotel; China Cultural Centre, Valletta, La Valette VIP Club Lounge, MIA and Marsovin.

His works (17) are already exhibited till mid-March 2014 at the La Valette VIP Club Lounge, MIA. The itinerant exhibition, different from that at MIA will be inaugurated at the Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de La Salle in Republic Street, Valletta by H.E. President Emeritus Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici. 

After the 6th of March it will be moved to Cavalieri Art Hotel (18 March – 1st May) and finally to the China Cultural Centre in June 2014. The event is meant to celebrate Wistin Baldacchino whose work has been accepted internationally about 4,800 times and has won 328 medal awards in gold, silver and bronze. He is our roving ambassador. 

The exhibition is divided into sections: Abstract & Modern, Venice, Narrow Streets, Portraits, Nudes, Sports, Rain & Water, Punks, London, Paris, Morocco, Cairo, Bangkok, India, Bull Fights, Traditions, Tramps, Industrial and Photo Journalism. Exceptional shots are those taken against the light: contrejour. The exhibition is already open to the public.

‘Man as Centre Stage’ is the sub-title of the catalogue/book. Wistin Baldacchino is basically interested in realism, blunt realism with maximum definition even in action. Central to his subject is the plight of man, man caught unawares in his passive and active role. Dramatic incidents are his speciality especially those moments in our life triggered by a thought process and relationships: sweet and sour, comic and tragic. Events caught in a split second yet interpreted in a way that is complex enough. Frames that can withstand discussion for hours on end. He denudes the actor, man as centre stage.

The publication written and designed by E. V. Borg is divided into four sections: an illustrated critical evaluation, monochrome shots, colour shots and the last section includes: an accurate bio data, bibliography, awards won (a selection) and information on collective and personal exhibitions.

Agostino (Wistin) Baldacchino was born in Żebbuġ, Malta. In 1978 he became a member of the Malta Photographic Society and started studying the subject in earnest with John D. Nunns (1927-2003), Charles Agius (b.1948) and Charles A. Herbert (1906-92), all seasoned photographers well known for their craft. Later he got his professional and practical training under one of our best photographers, Joseph A. Vella (b.1927) of Mosta. From Joe, Wistin imbibed a love of realism, actuality and popular themes.

Wistin is an avid traveller. He exercises his talents during his frequent travels without ignoring the inspiration stimulated by local scenes and society in Malta and Gozo. For him travelling is scholarship, it is research. And most of his phases are based on shooting sessions done abroad, in various countries: Egypt, Morocco, U.K., France, Italy, Romania, Austria, Germany, India and especially in capitals like Bangkok, London, Paris, Cario, Vienna and Dehli.