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Art Discussion Group - Malta

157th Meeting Artist

Alfred M Camilleri

- a 2D and 3D artist

The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 157th meeting on Monday 21st May 2018 at 19.30hrs at St. Mary Band Club, Qrendi (near parish church). Alfred M. Camilleri (b.1950) will be meeting our members and friends to discuss his work, vision and concept regarding his up-coming exhibition ‘Civitas’ at the Malta Postal Museum, in Valletta on Friday June 1, 2018. A power-point presentation of his collection - a pre-view of the exhibition will be followed by a discussion and question-time.

The exhibition is called ‘Civitas’ with its theme being Valletta. For many years interested and concerned about issues relating to our Capital City, Alfred M. Camilleri touches over a number of points which identify the authenticity of the city of Valletta. This is done through a wide range of genres, techniques and subject matter with a touch of personal experience and memory of one who was born and bred in the City. 

Through such works Alfred M. Camilleri makes an overall statement that Valletta deserves its rightful respect for its significance and distinction both on a national as well as on a European and international level.

'Valletta a Celebration in itself' (MDF, metal, acrylics, oil-based enamel)

'Umilissima' is inspired by the massive bastions that surround the city built for defence purposes: a will to form, our boldest sculpture. This personal exhibition follows that in Feb/March 2015 when the artist participated with a number of works in a collective of ‘Contemporary Sculpture: Malta’ at Cavalieri Art Hotel. Some of the present works could be called structures or even architectural forms but otherwise the range of genre is varied though the inspiration is always our capital city.

Some of his recent creations seem more robust, more sculptural. The painting whether in gold or vivid colours reveal Alfred’s love of painting that initially was a kind of social realism or better still Constructivism initiated by Pevsner or a brand of the Metaphysical movement as developed by Giorgio De Chirico. At the time I had coined the phrase: ‘inkwiet fil-kwiet’ as his work delved into the absurdity and impenetrable vicissitudes of man and his subconscious.

Born and bred in Valletta, Alfred M. Camilleri has always maintained a close observation, a deep interest and a genuine love for his native city. This has prompted him to contribute a number of letters and articles in the press and also on social media about various issues concerning the Capital City. Educated at the Lyceum, he proceeded into technical studies at the Technical Institute and the Polytechnic while serving a Dockyard apprenticeship (1967 - 1971). 

'Umilissima' (wood, acrylic gilding)

He studied art under Esprit Barthet and Antoine Camiller at the Government School of Art in the late 60’s. In 1993 he graduated Bachelor of Arts at the UM. He is now a retired teacher after a 40 year teaching career. For Art & Design projects he has contributed to interior/poster design, illustration and murals. His technical background is auxiliary to his work. A number of his works form part of the National Collection. Website:

ADG invites all members and their friends and the public to enjoy meeting Alfred M. Camilleri who is ready to share his work and answer any question on aesthetics and technique.

E. V. Borg

ADG Chairman