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Art Discussion Group - Malta

150th Meeting Artist

Andrew Borg - painter

The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 150th meeting on Tuesday 24th October at 19.30hrs at St. Mary Band Club, Qrendi (near parish church). Andrew Borg is our guest. He is a talented draughtsman, a painter in oil and watercolour and loves academic drawing and design. He is showing a power-point presentation of a collection of his works followed by a discussion and evaluation.

Morna l-Bahar

‘I'm getting to combine realism/impressionism with abstraction in compositions which are mostly tense, injection mood or sensation on canvas. Some of these works contain some intense emotional content, injected by some inward observation, a recent inclusion in my paintings. It's not an easy path, especially for someone with a technical background, but with some help, I'm slowly managing, I think!’ This quote by Andrew Borg (b.1964) shows an earnest endeavor to inject emotion in his creative compositions and breaking away from his technical competence. In reality he fuses both.

His oil paintings are executed en plein-air or in the studio. Location does not seem that important but he is interested in conveying a detail or part to transform reality into an impression and the impression into an abstract concept that at times reaches surreal proportions. 

He uses the traditional painting technique to produce contemporary concepts. The brush strokes are expressionistic and vigorous in contrast to large spaces or ‘larghezza’ in soft films of paint applied thinly but evenly. He loves texture, shapes and exploiting space. At times only a small proportion of what the eye sees is presented to suggest rather than evoke resemblance to the scene thus stimulating in the viewer fantasy and imagination. His work might be called minimalist.

Andrew Borg loves vast empty spaces using light, colour, line, shape and form. He is keen on painting and his enthusiasm will carry him far if he persists and perseveres. His strength is his drawing and design.

Andrew Borg will answer questions from the floor regarding his vision, concept, approach and technique. He will also elaborate about highlights in his career and particular works that gave him great satisfaction. (


ADG Chairman

Mgiebah, Malta