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Art Discussion Group - Malta

97th Meeting Artist

Joseph Casapinta and Martin Formosa

The 97th Art Discussion Group Meeting will be held on Wednesday 9th November 2011 at 19.15hrs at MISCO Training Centre (first floor) in Fino Buildings in Notabile Road, Mriehel. For this meeting the Society is inviting Joseph Casapinta an artist with passion and Martin Formosa a romantic artist with a classical approach.

Joseph Casapinta is organising an art exhibition: ‘Closer to the Heart’, at Portomaso Tower, St Julians. The inauguration will take place on Friday 18th November 2011. 

He is exhibiting about 45 works in oils, acrylic and in pen and ink. He is an incurable romantic who has found solace in nature to escape the harsh reality of modern life. The solution was an escape into the countryside to smell the wet soil, to feast his eyes on light and color, on white billowing clouds, on the deep blue sea, on clear blue skies, on fields of red poppies, yellow and white mustard, cape sorrel, red clover and stretches of wheat dancing in the breeze. 

When Joseph has some free time he packs his easel and colours and escapes into the countryside to paint én plein air while ‘listening to birds chirping away or hearing the waves crashing on to the rocks’. His optimistic approach is quite explicit as he rather prefers to capture a scene with perfect visibility or he changes it on purpose to look so. So his canvases are limpid, clear, and simple, with vibrant colour and brilliant light. His contentment is obvious surrounded by nature’s music. His empathy with nature is complete and he has adopted nature as his master.

Martin Formosa is organizing an art exhibition: ‘Creation’ at Cavalieri Hotel on Thursday 7th December 2011. He is exhibiting about 50 landscapes in soft pastel. He is a great romantic but his classical approach obliges him to sublimate his feeling and creates timeless works that embalm the body and sooth the soul. 

He is also an artist of atmosphere and mood but controls his emotion to produce scenes of great beauty that cast a spell in their intrinsic magic. He loves working én plein air especially on the cliffs near Qrendi facing the island of ‘Filfla’. 

He is spellbound by rough seas with huge waves crashing on the rocks but in his inimitable way he is an expert at taming such roughness with his expert touch in soft pastel. He loves a cloudless sky but becomes excited when bright light breaks through the clouds and appears like cosmic rays that instill hope and bestow spiritual solace. He loves vegetation, rocks and soil. He is so involved with landscape that he has become an expert at the way he interprets the true nature of our topography and the delicate balance of its ecology. His work is transcendental; it lifts the soul towards the Creator.

Joseph Casapinta and Martin Formosa are landscape artists. The former passionate and vigorous, the latter sublime and spiritual. Both love working én plein air, both finish work in their studio, both use photography as an aid, for both nature is an escape, for both it is therapy, both are positive in concept and vision, for both it is a solution for their relationship with the Creator.

Both artists are showing several examples of their art work on screen and are ready to answer questions about creativity and technique. The ADG invites its members, art lovers and the general public to this meeting that will surely attract quite a crowd.

E. V. Borg

ADG Chairman