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Sensual and Orgiastic

by Catherine Cavallo

The snow has melted. The sun’s rays have penetrated through ominous clouds and shine once more on luscious vegetation, on carpets of flowers, on rich soil, gorgeous landscape, voluptuous colours and a large chunk of optimism. The expressionism of Catherine Cavallo has mellowed and matured though still exuberant, prodigal, extravagant, bubbly, boisterous and boundless. The tortured spirit, the atrocious pain have been metamorphosed into a jubilant Spring, an irrepressible élan vital, a joie de vivre that cannot be contained though controlled with the aplomb of a mystic.

Catherine Cavallo is at the peak of her creativity. With great disinvoltura she evokes atmosphere, freezes the moment and movement, interprets character, reads gesture and articulates physiognomy. She has always been captivated in interpreting the language of faces and human gesture. In her boundless enthusiasm for life her Indian scenarios palpitate, pulsate and vibrate with a sensuality that is almost orgiastic.

Her chromatic colours drenched in light are so warm, vibrant, lustful and vigorous. The forms are robust, heavy and maternal. The space is tangible and articulate. Her grotesque expressionism is transformed into a hedonistic realism, into sensuality both human and mundane. 

It stimulates our concupiscence. Yet there is an acute sense of spirituality in actuality, a psychic mysticism that can hardly be explained or defined.

The inexplicable mystery in sensual reality becomes a contentious problem. Her concept of merging sensuality with psychic powers, spirituality with mysticism though complex is coherent. Her large canvases emanate a certain tranquility and serenity, repose and peace notwithstanding the vigorous manifestation, the celebrative joy, the festive ritual of changing season, of germinating earth with its cycle of life and death. She captures life’s polarity with its tension and resolution. 

Her paintings resemble the convex surface tension of a sheet of water in a fountain with a magnetic tape reflection. The molecules pull and push but the surface tension does not break.

The reflection of life is overwhelmingly beautiful.

E. V. Borg

09. 01. 2017


Born in 1963 Catherine has never faltered or looked back. She forges ahead with powerful vigour. She can hardly repress her profuse creative outpouring. Her expressionism knows no bounds and she brooks no rivals. In her recent exhibitions at the China Cultural Centre: ‘Inspired in China – A Fine Arts Exhibition by Maltese Artists 2016’ (Dec 2016 – Jan 2017) and at Skyparks Business Centre (Jan – April 2017) she overwhelmingly demonstrates that she no equal. Strong, bold and forceful her expression captivates and under her spell she levitates you off the ground. Her vision is panoramic and her bravura surfaces in her portraiture, landscape and in social realist themes. Actually she is exhibiting at the La Valette VIP Club Lounge, MIA, Luqa 18 Jan –15 March 2017.