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Art Discussion Group - Malta

90th Meeting Artist

Innocent (Vincent) Centorrino


The ART DISCUSSION GROUP (ADG) will be holding its 90th meeting on Tuesday 25th January at 19.00 hrs at MISCO Offices (first floor on right) in FINO Showrooms in Notabile Road Mriehel. 

Innocent (Vincent) Centorrino (1955-) an expert in Classical Architecture and a serious mathematician is our guest artist. Calm and prudent he will tackle an interesting topic: ‘Harmony & Beauty in Architecture’ illustrating his exposition with a power-point slide show featuring international landmarks in a brief chronological history of building styles and techniques. Since he is versed in Architectural Design he will answer questions about his art and technique and the various building and restoration jobs he has accomplished in his 35 year career. His mobile is:  7968 5852. All members are cordially invited to attend together with their friends and the general public. 

Samples of Projects by Centorrino:

Monte Kristo Gate at Hal Farrug

The Marsa el Brega Mosque in Libya

Detail of central part of façade of 

Maria Assunta Palace, Qrendi

Bio Data Innocent (Vince) was born in Hamrun on November 11, 1955. His grandfather hails from Messina and perhaps his love for Italian architecture is natural, coded in his DNA. After studying at the Hamrun Primary school and the Archbishop’s Seminary he attended MCAST and graduated at the University of Malta. He works with the Ministry of Resources and Rural Affairs as a principal technical officer at the Construction and Maintenance Department. From time to time he lectures at the University as a part-time lecturer in Baroque Studies and teaches postgraduate students in the Architecture & Urban Design Department at the Faculty for the Built Environment. In his job he prepares the plans and the full scale patterns of mouldings for masons: a delicate, precise, meticulous and accurate involvement with geometric and mathematical calculations. 

He is an expert in design and has been responsible for many important constructions and restorations jobs in Malta and abroad. Perhaps he is mostly known for the Marsa el Brega Mosque he constructed in Libya. But the long list of rebuilding jobs in Malta has earned him much deserved trust and respect. Worth mentioning are the building of the palatial façade of Palazz Maria Assunta, Qrendi and that of Queen Victoria Band Club, Zurrieq; the rebuilding of Capua Palace, the Monte Kristo Palace and entrance gate at Hal Farrug and another gate at the Excelsior Hotel. He has also been involved in rebuilding the irreparable lanterns of churches such as that of Ghajnsielem, that of Paola, Gudja and Hamrun churches, delicate work in construction and engineering. In 1999 he was awarded the Worker of the Year Award for specialized work in the Civil Service. Vince is married and has two children.

12. 01. 2011

E. V. Borg

Chairman ADG     

Innocent Centorrino with artists Martin Formosa and  

Valerio Schembri at an ADG meeting

Among his most important constructions are:

  • the Marsa el Brega Mosque in Libya      
  • the rebuilding of Capua Palace      
  • the rebuilding of the belfry of the St George Basilica in Victoria Gozo     
  • the facade of the Queen Victoria Band Club Zurrieq
  • the facade of Palazz Maria Assunta, Qrendi
  • the rebuilding of Palazzo Casa Cassar
  • the re-building of part of St Margerita Church in San Gwann
  • the changing of the dome’s lantern and the roofs of S. Gaetan Church Hamrun 
  • the re-building of the dome’s lantern and other works in the belfries of Paola Church
  • the rebuilding of the pilasters of the dome’s lantern of Gudja Church       
  • the rebuilding of the Lower Barracca      
  • the restoration of Ta’ Bighi Palace       
  • the restoration of cloistered vaults in Auberge de Castille and the Police General Headquarters        
  • the re-building of parts of the Tal-Pilar Church, Saint Roque Church in Valletta and Santa Marija Church at Attard      
  • the Monte Kristo palace and entrance gate at Hal Farrug      
  • the entrance gate in the Excelsior Hotel       
  • the reconstruction of the bell tower at Munxar Parish Church       
  • reconstruction of the lantern at Ghajnsielem Parish Church       
  • the design of the facade from the level of the first entablature upwards of the Santa Venera new Parish Church      
  • the reconstruction of the war demolished Pinto Stores at the Valletta Waterfront and the design and reconstruction of the old Power Station clock tower
  • the dome’s lantern of S. Andrew’s church of Luqa      
  • Various works in private villas and churches such as octagonal closed vaults, domes etc.