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Art Discussion Group - Malta

Ceramics Seminar and Exhibition

Growth, Potential & Opportunities

The Art Discussion Group (ADG) is organizing a seminar on ceramics choosing as topic for discussion: ‘Growth, Potential & Opportunities’. The seminar will be held on Saturday 26th March 2011 at Hotel Cavalieri in St. Julians between 9.30am and 3.00pm. This cultural event is sponsored by Hotel Cavalieri, Valletta Fund Management, Middle Sea Insurance and ADG. The Seminar is open to ceramists, ADG members and the general public. The closing date for applicants is Tuesday 15th February 2011.

ADG will charge participants a nominal fee (ADG members are subsidized) which includes coffee break, light lunch and expenses in organizing exhibition. The exhibition will be inaugurated at the closure of the seminar in early afternoon. Ceramists are asked to submit one work each for exhibition and two images: a portrait and that of the work chosen for inclusion in a power point projection and for printing in a catalogue. The catalogue will include a simple directory of practicing ceramists on the Island.

The speakers chosen by an ADG sub-committee are: Julie Apap, Kenneth Grima, Joan Haber, Mario Sammut, Paul Scerri and Valerio Schembri. Time will be shared between the speakers and interventions from the floor.

The topic to be discussed: ‘Growth, Potential & Opportunities’, gives ample scope for discussion, research and study. The speakers could include: ceramics as a profession; the amateur ceramist and high standard attained; industrial and commercial ceramics; ceramics as therapy; as hobby; technique, glazes and types of clay; the teaching of ceramics at school; the private teaching of ceramics; teaching ceramics as therapy and for those with special needs; pot throwing (one-off); owning a kiln (advantages, difficulties and expenses involved); workshops and studios.

ADG has already been approached by those who would like to intervene with specific subjects such as: restoration of ceramics and ceramics as therapy for those with special needs. Among the participants ADG expects to have representatives of specialized branches of study for example; psychiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, and educators who practice the genre for relaxation, as a hobby or as amateurs.

ADG intends to publish a report of proceedings for comparative study with another report that ADG published in 1993 after a similar exercise. The report was published in both English and Maltese in the Sunday Times (08. 08. 1993) and In-Nazzjon Taghna (15. 07. 1993).

Art is hardly a subject. It is life’s experience transformed into expression and therefore cannot be considered as a minor subject or far worse as a waste of time and money. In 1993 there was already enough sensitivity and sensibility in Malta about the subject when Ms. Sina Farrugia stated: ‘It is important for children at an early age to play with this tactile material to develop touch, manipulative skills and the mind’. Art as play is an integral part of the educative process in man and play in animals is vital for their survival (ex. felines).

Note: For further information applicants are to access our website: or email: [email protected] or phone: 79708527.

E. V. Borg

ADG Chairman

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