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The Garden of Serenity International Art Exhibition 2015

Event: The Garden of Serenity International Art Exhibition 2015

Venue: The Garden of Serenity in Santa Luċija

Organized by: Santa Luċija Local Council

Trejqet il-Ġirasol, Santa Luċija; email:santaluċ[email protected];21666600

Type: International Collective Art Exhibition

Chairman of Organizing Committee: Mr Frederick Cutajar, Vice Mayor

Curators: E. V. Borg: Juheng Chen

Inauguration: Monday 7th December 2015; Time: 7.30pm

Duration: 8 – 16 December 2015

Inaugurated by: Hon. Stefan Buontempo MP Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government

Artists Exhibiting: 25

Works: painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, film

The Garden of Serenity International Art Exhibition forms part of the Cultural Events Initiative Scheme for Local Councils proposed by the secretariat for Local Government. The exhibition being held in the Garden of Serenity in Santa Luċija is related to this garden and to the sculpture garden decorating the locale. In reality the temporary exhibition works will augument the permanent sculpture pieces already installed in previous years. A Sub-Committee for Culture for the Santa Luċija Local Council is involved in the organisation of this event. The exhibition inauguration will take place on Monday 7th December and close on Wednesday 16th December 2015.

A selection of the exhibits of local and foreign artists in various media

The participation will involve three levels: local (artists from the neighbourhood) national (artists from Malta) and international (artists from China and other countries). For the occasion the Local Council has approached a number of artists: painters, ceramists, sculptors, photographers and film producers to take part in a large collective exhibition to create an artistic and cultural event that would confirm Santa Luċija as an attraction to locals and tourists.

The artist participants cover a vast spectrum of talent and represent veteran and young artists from Malta, Sicily Slovakia and China. The concept of organizing an art exhibition partially in the open is to demonstrate the importance of a contemplative space among trees and an artificial lake and waterfall as a backdrop to garden sculpture for the enjoyment and education of the general public. The three magnificent and spacious pagodas will also provide interior space utilised for exhibiting hanging pieces.

This event is expected to help increase art activity outside Valletta while serving to create further awareness that open spaces, vegetation and the sound of falling water are a palliative more effective to ease tension and stress than other remedies.

E. V. Borg


26. 11. 2015

Participating Artists

  1. Axiaq, Ray
  2. Azzopardi, Dylan
  3. Azzopardi Ray
  4. Agius, Louis
  5. Baldacchino, Wistin
  6. Balzan Keith
  7. Camilleri Kleine, David
  8. Chen, Xiaoxiao
  9. Farrugia, Antoine
  10. Haber, Paul
  11. Li, Xuebing
  12. Micallef, Chris
  13. Micallef, Maurice
  14. Micalizzi, Carmelo
  15. Muscat, George
  16. Priehyba, Stefan
  17. Scerri, Paul
  18. Sun, Zhenyu
  19. Vella, Anthony Patrick
  20. Vella Paternò, Simona
  21. Zammit Meli Astrid

Sculpture Garden

Agius, Joseph

Ferry, Neville

Gulasi, Jan

Sammut, Hermine Ann

Workshop Studio Suzhow