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Art Discussion Group - Malta


Contemporanea: Malta Sculpture Exhibition May 2016

‘Contemporanea: Malta Sculpture Exhibition: 2016 (16 May – 15 June) is a large collection of works by Maltese sculptors that represents the contemporary vision and concept of some of the best talent of local expression in wood, gesso, terracotta, stone, papier mâché, resin and mosaic.The inauguration by H.E. President Emeritus Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici will take place on Thursday 19th May 2016 at 7.30pm. The event will be introduced by E. V. Borg, the curator. Fourteen participating artists will exhibit four works each.

Ganni Pace

Antoine Farrugia

Charles Bonnici

Darren Spiteri

Anthony Lucian Cauchi

Censu Fenech

George Scicluna

David Camilleri Kleine

Renzo Gauci

The organising committee of Cavalieri Art Hotel is preparing a catalogue of about 70 pages in full colour that can be acquired on order. Four pages will be dedicated to each participant, showing four images of his work, a short bio data and info. The curator is writing an artistic evaluation of the exhibited works as an introduction to the exhibition catalogue. 

The catalogue will include the vast sculpture exhibition organized in the same venue in 2015 and ‘An Idiom in Wood’ organized at the Cathedral Museum in July/August 1992. The size of the catalogue is A4, the bound copy is handcrafted with a jacket.

Ray Azzopardi

Michael Vella

Mario Agius

Joseph Martin Risiott

Eleazar Galea

It is an exhibition of quality, varied in subject, technique and medium with individual and personal vision and concept. Some works are romantic, expressive, sentimental and realistic while others are classical, geometric and idealistic. The exhibition includes works with rough, strong and dynamic features other works emanate elegance charm and delicacy. The event is artistic, cultural and educative. Check out this video about the exhibition by clicking HERE.


Publisher: Cavalieri Art Hotel

Title: Contemporanea: Malta Sculpture Exhibition 2016

Sub-Title: Collective Sculpture Exhibition 2016

Event: Malta Sculpture Exhibition: 16 May – 15 June 2016

Venue: Cavalieri Art Hotel, St. Julians, Malta


Design & Layout: E. V. Borg; Gabriella Mallia

Author & Curator: E. V. Borg

The Participants:

  • Agius Mario (1956-)
  • Azzopardi Ray (1956-)
  • Bonnici Charles (1943-)
  • Camilleri Kleine, David (1945-)
  • Cauchi Anthony Lucian (1948-)
  • Farrugia Antoine (1969-)
  • Fenech, Censu (1937-)
  • Galea, Eleazar (1981-)
  • Gauci, Renzo (1959)
  • Pace Ganni (1946-)
  • Risiott, Joseph, Martin (1949-)
  • Scicluna George (1966-)
  • Spiteri Darren (1977-)
  • Vella Michael (1972-)