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Art Discussion Group - Malta

101st Artist Meeting

David Frank Bugeja

The 101st Art Discussion Group Meeting will be held on Wednesday 28th March 2012 at 19.15hrs at MISCO OFFICE (first floor) in Fino Showrooms in Notabile Road, Mriehel. For this meeting the Society is inviting David Frank Bugeja (1979-) a Maltese conservator-restorer of paintings and polychrome sculpture. The title of the presentation: ‘Conservation and Restoration of Painted Artifacts’ deals with  some case studies – (i) The Baptism of Christ by Mattia Preti (17th century); (ii) Still-Life with Fish by Giuseppe Recco (17th century); and (iii) Saint John the Baptist by Francesco de Rosa (17th century) three important (and challenging) works. E. V. Borg, the chairman of the group will introduce him to the audience.

The paintings referred to in the case studies are currently exhibited at the National Museum of Fine Arts. The above-mentioned paintings have been amongst the conservator’s long-term projects. David will demonstrate how conservators investigate and treat works of art following modern conservation ethics. 

David Frank Bugeja is a conservator-restorer of paintings and polychrome sculpture. He received his Bachelor and Master Degrees in conservation and restoration from the University of Malta. The conservator is currently employed with Heritage Malta, where he practices conservation, lectures, and researches on preventive conservation measures. 

Though he attended his degree courses in Malta he was also lectured by foreign lecturers, mainly Italian and French. For work practice he travelled to Parma to assist a team of Italian restorers in documenting and cleaning a frescoed barrel vault, located in a chapel dedicated to St Lucy in the central part of the city. The latter was important in his formation because he had the chance of working hands-on a fresco fresco or ‘fresco buono’, as locally we do not possess so many examples. 


The ADG invites its members, art lovers and the general public to this presentation. 

E. V. Borg

16. 03. 2012