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Art Discussion Group - Malta

152 Meeting Artist

Debbie Bonello

The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 152nd meeting on Monday 18th December at 19.30hrs at St. Mary Band Club, Qrendi (near parish church). Debbie Bonello is our guest. Presently she has a solo exhibition at Palazzo De Piro Mdina that will remain open to the public till the 30th of January 2018. The painter is showing a power-point presentation of the Mdina collection: ‘One: Tone, Mood and Atmosphere’.

Debbie Bonello is relatively new to the local art scene but of late she has been dedicating more and more of her time to painting on a daily basis after some years involved as an art tutor. 

Her work is characterized by what she terms ‘loose brushstrokes’ which in reality are forceful, energetic, vigorous and dynamic strokes that convey an élan vital and joie de vivre. The source of her expressionistic tendencies is probably Impressionism. 

Her landscapes convey a sense of space, of location, mood and atmosphere and demonstrate her love for en plein-air painting: studies of sky, clouds, vast stretches of water and open spaces.

Her collection at Palazzo De Piro in Mdina breathes a sense of freshness and actuality and perhaps it points to an evolving idiom towards abstraction. After the composition is carefully chosen the execution becomes spontaneous and free: feeling, emotion and sentiment overflow. 

The source of her work grows from the seed sown by Pissarro, the contagious atmosphere is that of Turner, famous for the ‘Snow Storm – Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth’, a masterpiece, and the slightly nostalgic and romantic tragic melancholy might have its origin in the works of Rouault. The image of ladies with hats hurriedly walking on a sandy beach is very Impressionistic but the feeling is hardly ephemeral.

The artist is showing a power-point presentation of the ‘One’ collection followed by a discussion and critical evaluation. She will answer questions from the floor regarding her vision, concept, approach and technique. She will also elaborate about particular works that give her pleasure and satisfaction. (www.

E. V. Borg

ADG Chairman