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Art Discussion Group - Malta

125th Meeting Artist

George Apap - landscape artist

The 125th Art Discussion Group Meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th December 2014 at 19.30hrs at MISCO OFFICE (first floor) in Fino Building in Notabile Road, Mriehel. 

ADG is inviting George Apap a landscape artist, who depicts the local scenery with a certain fantasy and poetic licence though retaining the actuality and reality of our vernacular topography. 

‘I find the Maltese landscape fascinating, no matter the season. I love our rural villages, the wayside chapels, the rubble walls and the rocky beaches that offer excellent material for a good composition. I also love the sun drenched walls, the contrast of light and shadow and that particular soft light that caresses the sky in early evening’. 

This is the best reflection by George Apap that sums up his vision perfectly. He will answer questions from the floor regarding his vision, concept, and career. He will also elaborate about approach and technique.

In a riot of colours of sun-drenched stone and rocks George paints with certain effortlessness as he is madly in love with our countryside and urban built-up areas. He also has a sharp eye for skies and cloud formations, for the limpid sea, for terraced fields, for rubble walls and overhanging prickly-pear bushes, for the isolated chapel, farmstead and stable. 

He paints with a child-like joy, with fantasy and pleasure that transforms our landscape into a poetic and lyrical paean that in a subtle manner with fine conditioning condemns the speculator who ravishes and rapes our dear land. His romantic vision is simple yet sensual and warm but convincing and effective.

George was born in Gozo in 1945. His family is very artistic. They all paint or play musical instruments. His early childhood memories are of Sunday afternoon competitions organized for the family to judge who was the best landscape painter. 

His father would evaluate the result and choose a winner who was rewarded with an extra helping of the pudding that same evening. The emulation and agonal element stimulated a keen interest in the arts especially painting and music.

When he came to Malta in 1964 he attended evening lessons in Art and he was guided by well-known artists that included: Harry Alden, Esprit Barthet and Carmelo Mangion. He started teaching Art at Government Schools and after forty-two years of teaching he retired and is dedicating all his time to painting. He goes for long walks and does a lot of sketches in situ of what is left of our countryside.

His favourite medium is watercolour. But he also paints in oil and acrylics. He has exhibited in various collective exhibitions both locally and abroad and he has organized eight personal exhibitions in various venues including St. James Cavalier and the Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta. His pictures are often simple compositions of little quaint nooks and corners that once painted become impressive landmarks.

ADG invites all members and their friends and the public to enjoy meeting George Apap and share with him the the atmosphere of place and the myth and fantasy his art instills.

E. V. Borg

ADG Chairman

30. 11. 2014