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Art Discussion Group - Malta

151st Meeting Artist

GEORGE MUSCAT - ceramist

The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 151st meeting on Wednesday 29th November at 19.30hrs at St. Mary Band Club, Qrendi (near parish church). George Muscat is our guest. He is an experienced ceramist and has organized several one-man exhibitions with great success. ‘Circulum’ his last personal exhibition to date was organized at ‘Iniala5’, 9th April St., Mosta between 27th October and 18th November 2017. The ceramist is showing a power-point presentation of the ‘Iniala5’ collection and a video followed by a discussion and evaluation.

George Muscat maintains that an artist should not express his suffering and pain in his work but his joy, to give pleasure to his audience. 

His work is forceful and powerful, strong and dynamic, explosive and colourful with the spirit within. George has assimilated the extravagance and exuberance of Gabriel Caruana, his tutor between 1975 and 1978, but closely follows his instinct, his personal and individual concepts.

He interprets human anatomy in strong forms and shapes, a romantic and nostalgic expression of deep understanding, compassion and warmth. His extravagance surfaces in his large colourful plates and his experimental approach emanates from the myriad glazes and various media. The video will focus on technique.

George creates a world that recalls the mysteries of the environment around him. He opens a window onto a world for the pleasure of others while shades of his character and soul are kept encapsulated in each ceramic piece.

George has introduced the raku technique in course lessons at MCAST Institute of Art and Design He has lectured on a part-time basis for a twelve-year span. Besides working with young artists, he organized evening courses for mature students both in ceramics and raku techniques. 

George is actually a full-time artist and currently president of the Malta Raku Association. He is also its founder.

The artist will answer questions from the floor regarding his vision, concept, approach and technique. He will also elaborate about highlights in his career and particular works that gave him great satisfaction. (


ADG Chairman