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Japanese Art

to be appreciated worldwide

After the success of ‘Japanese Art Wind’ (Cavalieri Art Hotel: 29 Sep. - 8 Oct., 2014), ‘Japanese Art – To be appreciated Worldwide’ is the idea of Rin Terada (b.1948) and organized by Rei Sato (b.1977) his daughter, at Cavalieri Art Hotel, St. Julians promoting 65 artists from Japan represented by 96 works. This art exhibition will be inaugurated by Minister Dr. Owen Bonnici on Friday October 16 followed by an auction of Japanese Art on Friday 30 October and final closure on October 31. A certain sensitivity and sensibility, a delicacy and elegance surface in the figurative and abstract expression presented and a strong sense of minimalism with a dominant naïve vision and small format work.

‘Under the Tree – Blooming Blue Flowers’ 

by Toko Furusawa

‘Composition I’ by Keiko Mochida
‘Child & Mother in Pursuit of Light’ 
by Akane Asano

The logo of the exhibition probably chosen locally features on both catalogue cover and invitation: ‘Under the Tree – Blooming Blue Flowers’ by Toko Furusawa, an acrylic on canvas of exquisite delicacy and elegance. 

It resembles a tapestry of exotic quality, fabulous and legendary that seems inspired by medieval French tapestry. The flowers blooming on the tree are transformed into twinkling stars while below a sweet naïve horse almost taken out from a Franz Marc animist work. In another work by Furusawa: ‘Golden Field’ a horse, lynx and fox are depicted with the same delicacy and dainty touch. It is a world of dreams!

‘Twilight – Where Two Worlds Meet’ is a beautiful dreamy painting in acrylic by Akie that fuses the expressionist vision of Marc Chagall with that of Munch in a crimson sunset with a flying horse rushing through space dappled with spots that shine like stars. If art is not poetry and music, what is?

In ‘Din’ by Akane Hashimoto in copick colour ink we are overwhelmed by a kaleidoscope of psychedelic colour, a burst of energy as depicted in a runaway horse and a half-hidden face. It is dynamic and exotic!

‘Din’ by Akane Hashimoto
‘Twilight – Where Two Worlds Meet’ by Akie
‘Morpheus’ by Hisayoshi Kurai

‘Composition I’ is a geometrical abstract by Keiko Mochida a styrene monoprint with interwoven modules of disks, circles, rectangles and squares that form a delicate and harmonious structure.

‘Morpheus’ by Hisayoshi Kurai is a colourful naive work that has the child-like qualities of Juan Mirò while ‘Child & Mother in Pursuit of Light’ by Akane Asano is a fabulously strong and dynamic calligraph in primary colours.

Rin Terada the person behind this vision of bringing Japanese artistic expression to our shores, born in Aomori, Japan is an established and respected artist whose minimalist abstraction is usually a simple balance between shining gold-leaf and block black on wood panel or silk. He is not in search of creating a motif but in achieving or realizing an artistic expression. 

The curator of the exhibition Ray Sato born in Miyagi, Japan has since 2011 become the manager of Terada’s Art Project after some experiece of an art exhibition in USA.

The exhibition presents a vast variety of media and technique including painting on canvas, panel and paper in oil, acrylics, pastel, watercolour; in printing: woodcut, inkjet, digital, photography; mixed media: lacquer, applique, collage, sand paste, lead glass, gold leaf, shells, nails; calligraphy; graphics; paper: Minoke, Kent, Japanese and ink: Sumi, Indian, black.

This cultural, artistic and educative event is expected to attract a relatively large crowd of visitors to the exhibition and auction at Cavalieri Art Hotel during the month of October 2015.

E. V. Borg

30. 09. 2015