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Cavalieri Art Hotel

Typical landscape, gardens, trees and flowers promote the beauty of Japan in Malta in 138 colour and monochrome shots chosen from hundreds of entries in a competition organized by Museum Takeshitaseikakojyo and Cavalieri Hotel St. Julians. The cultural and artistic exhibition will be inaugurated by the President of Malta Marie Louise Coleiro Preca on Friday 20th January 2017. The exhibition will be open to the public between Saturday 21st January and Sunday 12th February 2017.

Kimio OKUMURA, Hana bito (no. 24)

          Kei YAMANE, Autumn shower (no. 9)
Testsuya TSURUMIT, Mitsukejima in the Starry Night (no. 71)

    The exhibition presents exotic images of meticulous Japanese gardens and natural landscape. Most of the work is a physical document, factual and natural without subjective interpretation but quite delicate and lyrical. In the second week of December a board of judges: Louis Agius, President of the Malta Photographic Society; Gabriella Mallia, Marketing Executive , Cavalieri Art Hotel; Tomoto Goto for Rin Terada and Joseph Barbara, artist chose the winners and a short list of the best works.

    Out of 14 winners the first four are Kosuke OKUDA, Kei YAMANE and Testsuya TSURUMI (in second place) and Kimio OKUMURA, third. Okuda captures a marine landscape with outcrops of rock bridged with rope against a dreamy skyline. 

    Tsurumi presents a poetic star-studded sky. Yamane’ s work is a paean to a delicate and elegant tree with branches reaching towards the sky, while Okumura abstracts a vast field with meticulously sown crops in colourful modules that resemble a woven carpet with multi-coloured thread. The effect is overwhelming.

    E. V. Borg

    17. 01. 2017