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Art Discussion Group - Malta

132nd Meeting Artist

John Vic Borg - painter

The 132nd Art Discussion Group Meeting will be held on Wednesday 7th October 2015 at 19.30hrs at MISCO OFFICE (first floor) in Fino Building in Notabile Road, Mriehel. ADG is inviting John Vic Borg a painter from Mellieħa with considerable knowledge of technique and creative ability.

His personal exhibition: ‘Step by Step’ at the Sagrestia Vault at the Waterfront, Valletta (18-31 July 2013) was well received. Those who were unable to attend in July are being provided with another chance when the exhibition opens at Cavalieri Art Hotel (Nov 7 – Dec 8 2015) with some new work. The artist will answer questions about vision, concept and technique and discuss aspects of some of his work

‘Step by Step’ is a journey through space and time ascending upwards on steps that lead to change and growth through experience. Focused on light and shadow its sister, John is obsessed by the theme or perhaps has a contagious fixation or tryst while researching a contrast of light and shade, of light and shadow, of light and darkness. John loves light falling on stone, rock and boulders, on carved stone by expert ‘scarpellini’, on grass, plants, shrubs and trees and expresses his feelings and emotions in a neo-realist and almost surreal concept of life as interpreted by an acute imagination, sensual fantasy and a sharp linear definition as an engraving on copper.

John is obsessed by light falling on boulders, on rocks: a vibrant, blazing and at times blinding light, a saturated, strong or mitigated one but keen on its sensitive nuances that his trained sensible nature captures to create an acute sense of actuality, a surreal reality, a mood that could be magical, mysterious, enigmatic or mundane according to choice.

John uses a restricted palette with an economy of means. He uses white, green and the colour of stone against a blue sky. His works are saturated with light but he achieves a balanced chiaroscuro. He researches steps: primitive and rough, baroque and elaborate as a theme, while showing keen interest in nuances of light on local rock, boulders and stone. He loves hewn stone especially baroque configurations. He shows keen interest in plants and shrubs without resorting to great botanical detail. In one work he captures the lily (locally called Bastun ta’ San Gużepp) as it looks like a pilgrim’s staff or perhaps as it flourishes in March. Though the work is quite figurative there is an implicit reference to metaphor and symbol.

His works are about the journey in life, about steps, steps that reach upwards, that we take one at a time during our life – cautiously, prudently, carefully quenching our thirst on first-hand experience that spells change and growth and perhaps are the ‘Gateway to Heaven’: fumbling in a dark ominous tunnel with a beckoning transcendental light at the end - our yearning for the infinite and the eternal.

ADG invites all members and their friends and the public to enjoy meeting John Vic Borg who is ready to share his work and answer any query on aesthetics and technique.


20. 09. 2015