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Art Discussion Group - Malta

159th Meeting Artist

Joseph Martin Risiott

artistic explorer of the afterlife and the cosmos

The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 159th Meeting Artist on Wednesday 24th October 2018 at the China Cultural Centre, Melita Street Valletta (corner to St. Paul Street). Joseph Martin Risiott (b.1949) will be meeting our members and friends to discuss his work, vision and concept regarding his new creations. A power-point presentation of his collection a preview of the new work and a choice selection will be followed by a discussion and question-time.

The work of Joseph Martin Risiott is precise, meticulous and minutely and intricately detailed. His skills as a draughtsman are the basis of his reliefs in paper pulp. 

Highly textural his works are the result of his fertile imagination and fantastic flights of fancy. He induces his viewers into an unreal alien world full of colourful but dwarfish characters in simple, domestic and rural pursuits. 

He suggests the supernatural or darker side of life in rich epic narratives that ultimately are positive, optimistic and life embracing. Personal and intimate experiences have deeply influenced Joseph to express works dealing with human and natural evolutionary cycles, the afterlife and the cosmos. His works are universal arras depicting the journey, the seasons, life and death. The most ominous is ‘Reverse Growth’.

Joseph Martin Risiott (b.1949) was intrigued by aesthetics and artistic media from childhood. He enrolled at the Malta School of Art in the 60’s. There he developed skills in figurative and object drawing under Esprit Barthet (1919-99). 

Joseph started his professional career as a perspectives technician and draughtsman with a local leading architectural firm in the 70’s’ a niche market created during the construction boom for technical draughtsmen with technical skills and artistic talent. 

The experience gained in these initial formative years gave him the opportunity to master certain skills of a ‘trade’ that would later influence his creative expression in perspective, composition and symmetry. He later became a designer with a prominent furniture manufacturer and with the advent of computer generated imagery Joseph developed his skills in this field until he was engaged for the rest of his career with a leading events and exhibitions company. 

His responsibility was to design and realize exhibition stands for local and foreign demand. 

However although he was responsible for organizing exhibitions for private and state entities his dream of exhibiting his own art works kept eluding him until he featured in the collective ‘Novonoveart’ (2012) organized by the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (MSAMC).

Since his recent retirement he has continued working with a particular paper pulp creating fascinating reliefs other than the traditional work in pen, ink and graphite. Personal and intimate experiences have deeply influenced Joseph to express works dealing with human and natural evolutionary cycles, the afterlife and the cosmos.

ADG invites its members, their friends and the public to this cultural and artistic event that would surely interest those with an inquisitive mind about art and craft.

E. V. Borg


ADG Chairman


Work Experience

1968 - 1980

It all started as he finished his school education in the late 60`s. He was soon employed as "perspectivist" in a major design office. An era where all drawings and visuals were only made by hand.

1980 - 2004

Worked as a draughtsman, interior designer and artist both in Malta and abroad.

2004 - 2011

Worked as draughtsman, interior designer, artist and contractor on national and foreign projects.

2011 - Retired

Full time artist