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Art Discussion Group - Malta

153rd Meeting Artist

Peter Micallef and Joseph Zammit - Painters

The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 153rd meeting on Monday 29th January 2018 at 19.30hrs at St. Mary Band Club, Qrendi (near parish church). Peter Micallef (b.1951) and Joseph Zammit (b.1941) will be meeting our members and friends to discuss their work, vision and concept. A power-point presentation of their collection of paintings will be followed by a discussion and question-time.

Peter Micallef and Joseph Zammit are both retired and exploit painting for its therapeutic effect and for their enjoyment and pleasure. They are Sunday painters and quite fond of their hobby. The subject matter focuses on landscape, seascape, still life and town and village scenes.

Peter Micallef worked as a draughtsman with WHO and an English architectural firm; later locally in government employment. He is mainly self-taught and has a love for town scenes. 

At times he uses a riot of colour, in a naive manner in the style of Henri Rousseau (1844-1910). Perhaps ‘Buskett Autumn’ is his most emotional and felt expression but ‘Flame Tree’, Three Churches, Balzan’ and Ponte San Silario’ are also commendable. 

Peter Micallef seems influenced by the style of George Apap.

Joseph Zammit worked as a teacher of mathematics and his love of art was nurtured at St. Michael’s Teacher Training College. 

He started taking art seriously in his retirement as he has ample time at his disposal. His best work is ‘Horse Trough, Attard’ where he captures the lingering atmosphere of Maltese vernacular village design, an echo of Arnold Sultana and casts a mood where time stands still. 

Two personal interpreted works are ‘Dusk over Balzan’ and ‘Rainy Night’ a misty, soft and liquid palette with an affinity for Rosella Dalmas’ works. Both are dreamy and capture mood and atmosphere. ‘Boats at St. Julian’s Bay’ and ‘Mtaħleb’ are balanced, delicate and disciplined works. 

In his still life Joseph Zammit uses bold and strong colours. Though highly geometric these works are very emotional.

Both artists refer to Matthew Cassar as their mentor and they studied art at the Malta Society of Arts. Both love mood and atmosphere, both are emotional, both are fond of en plein-air painting but their different character surfaces in their work.

After a discussion and critical evaluation of their work they will answer questions from the floor regarding their vision, concept, approach and technique. They will also elaborate about particular works that give them pleasure and satisfaction. All ADG members and the general public are invited to attend.

E. V. Borg

ADG Chairman

14. 01.2018