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Art Discussion Group - Malta

138th Artist Meeting

Anthony Lucian Cauchi and Censu Fenech

The 138th Art Discussion Group Meeting will be held on Monday 25th April 2016 at 19.30hrs at MISCO OFFICES (first floor) in Fino Building in Notabile Road, Mriehel. ADG is inviting artists Anthony Lucian Cauchi (b.1948) and Censu Fenech (b.1937). The artists will answer questions about vision, concept and technique and discuss aspects of some of their work. The meeting will also serve as a preview of Anthony Lucian Cauchi’s latest works: ‘Of Gods Myths and Legends’, a collection of painting and sculpture to be exhibited at the De Piro Palace, Mdina, between 7th and 27th May 2016.

Anthony Lucian Cauchi

The low relief plaques by Anthony Lucian Cauchi best express his feelings, emotions and sentiments as technically they bridge painting and sculpture in the round. In his exhibition in Mdina his work focuses on myth, legend, fable, mystery and magic. He tackles any historical event that has been twisted and warped eternally. Historical fact is born in myth, attains a sense of reality and once more become legend. Art for Anthony is a vehicle that transmits ideas and opinion to the general public especially if the artist breathes into the protagonist a potent heroic and miraculous spirit. 

Anthony believes that there is a bond of mutual respect between the artist and viewer. Anthony studied drawing and sculpture at the Government School of Art. He studied ceramics at St. Joseph Technical School, at M.C.A.S.T., at Targa-Gap School and art at the Accademia 'Pietro Vannucci' Perugia, Italy. Anthony won the bronze medal in the International Postal Union Art Competition in Lugano, Switzerland. In 1986, he won another bronze medal in the same competition in Rome. He has also exhibited works in London, Helsinki, and Perugia.


Censu Fenech

There is a sense of Calatrava’s architectural dynamic flying concrete structures in Censu’s works. They are architectural constructions that intimate a lyrical and poetic rhythm. There is a fine sense of music in his volumes whether in stucco, stone or ceramics. In stucco the works are light and dynamic with flowing movement; in stone the works are solid and at times heavy; in ceramics vivid colour dominates the structures with a vertical lift. Censu spent his working career at the local dry docks as dock master. Surprisingly he discovered that he had a talent for sculpture. 

After attending the local School of Art he obtained a diploma in sculpture with distinction. In 2014 he won the Malta Society of Arts National Competition: the overall prize in the painting and sculpture section. In 2016 Censu received the Honorary Diploma of the Berliner Art Prize. He carves stone and works in stucco and ceramics. In sculpture he loves working in an abstract idiom. He believes that an artist should allow his work to speak for him. That would show how eloquent one’s expression is.

ADG invites all members and their friends and the public to enjoy meeting Anthony Lucian Cauchi and Censu Fenech who are ready to share their work and answer any question on aesthetics and technique.

E. V. Borg

ADG Chairman

09. 04. 2016