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Art Discussion Group - Malta

87th Meeting Artist

Mario Agius - Sculptor

The ART DISCUSSION GROUP (ADG) will be holding its 87th meeting on Thursday 21st OCTOBER at 18.30hrs in FINO Showrooms at MISCO Offices (first floor on right) in Notabile Road Mriehel. Mario Agius, whose personal exhibition at Palazzo Castellania at 15, Merchants Street Valletta will close on Friday 22nd October 2010, a romantic artist of sentiment, is our guest. 

He is presenting an over-head projection of his work and will answer questions from the floor. E. V. Borg will chair the meeting and open a discussion about his vision and concept especially about nature’s inspiration, with particular emphasis on trees that suggest the subject for his expression. 

In wood Mario excels. His works carved in hard wood follow nature’s way as the artist exploits the dynamics of the trunk without diminishing its strength. The email of the artist is: [email protected]  All members are cordially invited to attend together with members of the general public. 

Mario Agius (1956- ) has nourished a love for sculpture and design from his early youth. His humble, kind and gentle nature impinges itself on his concepts, vision and artistic expression. Talent and his enthusiasm for sculpture helped him in no small way during his studies under the late Monsignor Michelangelo Apap (1915-2006) in drawing and painting and in carving wood under the able direction of Anton Agius (1933-2008) one of our leading carvers in wood after the exceptional Samuel Bugeja (1920-2004), his relative. 

For several decades Mario Agius has been commissioned numerous works in churches especially and particularly in the sphere of decorative sculpture in wood and ecclesiastical furniture. In 1989 he attended a course in sculptural studies at the White Knight Gallery in Cheltenham, U.K. organized by Ian Norbury, a sculptor of international repute. 

Presently Mario Agius teaches technology and design in wood at Ninu Cremona Lyceum Complex in Victoria, Gozo. His finest works in carved wood adorn our churches in towns and villages. Mario Agius is an expert craftsman and professional artist who has exploited surface globigerina with a hard patina, creatively using vermiculated eroded surfaces for effect in contrast to silken polished parts.

E. V. Borg