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Art Discussion Group - Malta

154 Meeting Artist

Matthew Mirabelli - Photographer

The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 154th meeting on Tuesday 13th February 2018 at 19.30hrs at St. Mary Band Club, Qrendi (near parish church). Matthew Mirabelli, photographer with The Times of Malta will be meeting our members and friends to discuss his work, vision and concept. A power-point presentation of his collection of photography recording his visit in Guizhou, China will be followed by a discussion and question-time.

Matthew Mirabelli (1975- ) impressively expresses his concepts in photography. A press photographer and photo journalist he specializes in the actual and factual. He captures the fleeting moment in great definition. His vast collection of Guizhou images is dominated by a captivating shot of a father and son. The latter is sound asleep on his father’s shoulder oblivious of the dizzy heights of Mount Fanjing and the world around him, while his father is fixing a padlock to a chain for good fortune. What wonderful poetry elevating fatherhood to such intensity.

Matthew loves portraiture, character study and the universal language of physiognomy, body movement, hands and finger studies in spontaneous shots taken in a split second, but backed by years of experience to make of the image a permanent nutshell of wisdom. The images vary from a daughter who fails to capture her mother’s attention; the narcissism in a frontal image of a proud mother and her child; a painter caught drawing with rapt and absorbed concentration in his work; musicians in costume and portraits of common people shining with dignity.

Backed by studies and experience as a photographer he began his career at the age of 20 as a fulltime photographer with ‘Heritage Studies’ in Sliema. After one year working in the studio He followed his dream to work as a full time press photographer with ‘The People’ newspaper moving on to ‘The Malta Independent’ shortly after where he worked until 2001. 

In 1999 he won the Malta Journalism Award for Press Photography and two years later decided to leave the island to travel to Australia where he worked as a freelancer. On his return in 2002 he spent three years freelancing before joining the ‘Times of Malta’, winning the 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011 Malta Journalism Award for Sports Photography and the Malta Journalism Award for Press Photography in 2010 and 2011. He has covered major local and foreign assignments and he is AFP’s (Agence France Presse) stringer photographer in Malta.

The photographer’s work is presently exhibited as part of the collective exhibition ‘Inspired in China Fine Arts Exhibition at the Parliament Building Valletta (Jan 19 – Feb 28, 2018). His film and slide show will be followed by a discussion and critical evaluation. He will answer questions from the floor regarding his vision, concept, approach and technique. He might elaborate about particular works that give him pleasure and satisfaction.

E. V. Borg

ADG Chairman