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Art Discussion Group - Malta


Russian Impressions - Natalia Bogdanova

Natalia Bogdanova (1973- ) was born in Russia and graduated at Stroganov’s University of Painters (2007-12) in Moscow the city where she lived and worked. With a deep sensitive and sensible nature backed by academic discipline she expresses a romantic sentiment full of nostalgia for the beauty of nature. 

A great traveller, she has visited France and Malta several times and during her journey she invariably sketches in plein air and captures particular and peculiar scenes on her camera. Naturally these journeys allow her to reflect on the contrasts in nature: the cold, dreary and grey atmosphere of Moscow compared to the bright dazzling light of Malta, Valletta. 

She admires Paris and Rouen that are both brilliantly depicted in this collection. She loves rare moments at sunrise and sunset that she treats like a prayer or offering. She captures inclement and fine weather in the manner of Turner depicting mood and atmosphere and has a talent to capture the spirit of a place. 

She loves the Impressionists and the Expressionists but has also studied Russian art especially 19th century artists that form the Romantic Movement whose love of the sea was so great that their canvases are realistic evocation of waves. The sea becomes deified and its spirit is captured in paint.