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Art Discussion Group - Malta

89th Meeting Artist

Nolasco Ccapa Ccapa - Peruvian Musician and Composer

The ART DISCUSSION GROUP (ADG) will be holding its 89th meeting on Thursday 16th December at 19.00 hrs at MISCO Offices (first floor on right) in FINO Showrooms in Notabile Road Mriehel. Nolasco Ccapa Ccapa, a musician and composer from Peru is our guest. He will play his favourite traditional and popular Peruvian music, other music pieces he composed, will project images of his native Cusco and Arequipa and will answer questions about his art and technique.  

Nolasco’s music casts a magic spell, its primitive origins give it a sense of mystery and magic and it is so enchanting and mesmerizing that he often attracts crowds in Republic Street Valletta made up of locals and tourists captivated by his tunes. The email of the artist is: [email protected] and his mobile is:  9980 4450.

All members of the Art Discussion group together with the general public, together with their friends. are cordially invited to attend. 

Nolasco (1975-) is a  highly gifted musician and composer born on the high mountains of Cusco, Peru. As a child his family moved to Arequipa, a city with a colonial past to improve their economic well-being. There he became a music teacher and assistant director in ‘Sayary’ School of Music ‘Tras Las Huellas De Cristo’ doing social work among the needy and the poor. It seems that he felt this as a vocation and has worked in this capacity since then. One fine day he came across Clare Agius and the late Nicolai Cassar (who later died in a motorcycle accident) who kindled his imagination about a fabulous Island called Malta. He was so convinced of its beauty that he succeeded to reach Malta in June 1998. He became a great friend of Jean Paul Mifsud. Nolasco is presently living at the YMCA in Merchants Street Valletta. To show his gratitude to this institution he donates all his earnings as a street performer or busker to YMCA.


He loves his native popular and traditional music which he has recorded on CD with the title: ‘Native’. His admirers acquire this CD and other personal compositions thus helping YMCA. Nolasco returned to Malta in July 2010 and during weekends it is usual to find him entertaining appreciative crowds in Valletta streets. He plays to recorded music on his pan pipes, flute and the Chinese dizzy flute that has a particular and peculiar sound that easily blends and fuses to his Peruvian tunes.

Since Peru is a vast country, music and musical instruments vary from region to region. Even the vernacular has different dialects. The dialect of the mountainous region is called Quechua. On the ‘altopiano’ between the mountains and the forests the natives play on the flute. The music played by 50 natives at a time is so powerful and magical that the Spanish conquerors called it the devil’s music and banned it altogether. Native music is anonymous. It is not written but traditionally passed from generation to generation. Although the remains of instruments found in archaeological excavations theoretically point to the  geographical origins of such music, such effort is only considered as ‘leyenda’ or myth. Naturally the ‘altopiano’ is rich with cane shoots used in the making of the flute but the origin of native music is still nebulous, hidden in the mists of time.

 Nolasco is a gifted and talented man. He studied at San Agustin University (1994-97) in Arequipa and became a professional musician. He is a certified music teacher, composer, performer and producer. He is proficient in the designing and making of musical instruments: pan flutes, flutes and pan pipes. He has also learnt the trade of designing and manufacturing of leather goods and accessories (Corioplastica) in 1995 with the ‘Asociaion Cultural Canta Pubelo’ in Arequipa. He has worked with various types of teams, taking part in workshops, exhibitions and music performances. He has precious experience in multicultural environments gained through social work abroad, has organized art festivals and music concerts. He leads a music group of which he is director and producer. Since he is versant with digital recording, editing, mixing and mastering he records his own music with the help of his brother Orlando in Germany.

24. 11. 2010                                                                     

 E. V. Borg