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Art Discussion Group - Malta

88th Meeting Artist

Paul Vella Critien - Ceramist

The ART DISCUSSION GROUP (ADG) will be holding its 88th meeting on Tuesday 16th November at 18.30hrs at MISCO Offices (first floor on right) in FINO Showrooms in Notabile Road Mriehel. Paul Vella Critien, whose personal exhibition at Palazzo Castellania at 15, Merchants Street Valletta will close on Friday 26th November 2010, an artist of passion and sentiment is our guest. 

He is presenting an over-head projection of his work and will answer questions about his art and technique. Paul’s ceramic sculpture is expressed in various techniques, his powerful colours and glazes are unique and the explosive force of his language is formidable. 

There is a positive sense in his message, a contagious optimism and hedonism that make his work personal and particular. The email of the artist is: [email protected] and website: www.paulvella

All members are cordially invited to attend together with members of the general public. 

In Paul’s childhood his grandfather Gianni Vella (1885-1977) became his mentor and tutor (1973-77). Some works pay homage to Paul’s grandfather as they show the inspiration and influence of his tutor. Paul studied ceramics (1974-77) locally under Gianni Bonnici (1932-) and Gabriel Caruana (1929-)  forming part of the third generation of ceramists during the 20th century. 

In 1978 Paul was awarded a five-year scholarship by the Italian Government.  He attended the ‘Gaetano Ballardini, Istituto Statale d’Arte per la Ceramica’ (1978-82), Faenza and the ‘Accademia di Belle Arti’ (1979-82) in Ravenna. He specialized in Fine Art & Ceramics and graduated B.A. Ceramics and M.A. Fine Art. 

The best ceramists and sculptors at the time: Guido Mariani (1950-), Angelo Biancini (191-88), Mario Tassinari (9142-), Fulvio Ravaioli (1926-83) and C. Zauli (1952-1991) some of them international in status were some of his masters and tutors. 

Sculpture in the public space near the Santa Lucia Church

Paul also obtained the diploma in Ceramics Restoration. Paul belongs to the Italian school of sculptors of the caliber of Guido Mariani, Angelo Biancini and C. Zauli with whom he learnt and worked. 

Paul’s studies are based on his apprenticeship years with his grandfather the well known painter Gianni Vella, his local studies with the best ceramists in Malta and his university and post-graduate studies in Italy, in Faenza and Ravenna internationally famous for specialized higher studies in ceramics. 

(Compiled by E.V. Borg)

ADG Chairman