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Art Discussion Group - Malta

139th Meeting Artist

Pauline Grech - photographer

The 139th Art Discussion Group Meeting will be held on Monday 30th May 2016 at 19.30hrs at MISCO OFFICES (first floor) in Fino Building in Notabile Road, Mriehel. ADG is inviting Pauline Grech who exhibited recently in ‘TEN’: a Collective Exhibition of Photography presented at Cavalieri Art Hotel St. Julians (April 10 – May 15).

The photographer, a pharmacist by profession will answer questions about her vision, concept and technique and discuss aspects of some of her work. Last year she attended a workshop in the Camargue, France.

Pauline Grech waxes lyrical in a paean to celebrate the beauty, elegance and nobility of the horse in the wild of the Camargue, France. The artist combines dynamic movement and energy, the foam and surf of waves, the time of day, and chiaroscuro to create poetic verses to this mythical beast, a friend of man.

The ancient Greeks sculpted the head of the horse to place it in the angle of the temple pediment pulling behind it the chariot of the moon and sun gods. Pauline extends this classical metaphor in her work and in ‘Light the Night’ creates a romantic contrast between the whiteness of the horses and the misty night. Frolicking, prancing, galloping and running these beasts emanate the joy of living healthily in the wild, a certain joie de vivre.

The photographer started photography in 2005 and she considers herself a travel photographer. She has participated in club competitions and has been awarded the junior photographer of the year in 2014. She won medals and honourable mentions in the Malta Photographic Society annual competitions. 

Since her retirement she has had more time for photography and so she is actually taking part in international competitions. She had many acceptances to date. Her presentation will include her portfolio about horses and a collection of her winning photos.

ADG invites all members and their friends and the public to enjoy meeting Pauline Grech who is ready to share her work and answer any question on aesthetics and technique.

E. V. Borg

ADG Chairman

17. 05. 2016

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