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Art Discussion Group - Malta


Polarity and Balance by Kenneth Grima

‘His work is majestic, monumental, imposing, bizarre – rich in its primitive quality, gargantuan in its relatively small dimension, rough and uncouth in its delicacy and elegance, simple in its general complexity, unitary and homogenous in its diversity and variety.’

'The stalagmites and stalactites are recurrent features that refer to the goddess of fertility. They are the columns of the temple of life. They support life. The flat smooth surfaces in works that the artist calls ‘altarini’ or small altars refer to plateaux or flat mountains. These are spaces chosen by man in his maturity where he seeks peace of mind or ‘benessere’. Perhaps after an incessant struggle which is life, man would like to retreat into an enclave of peace and rest. Like a giant Catherine wheel man revolves incessantly during his life span acting, creating spectacle, attracting attention in his exhibitionism. But in the end he splutters to a stop so that in an oasis of peace he reflects about life. Dead tired he seeks rest, immobility, reflection and finally oblivion or eternal rest. Kenneth reflects about man’s predicament. He yearns after a solution and tries to decode the message.’

(Borg, E. V., (1999) ‘Polarity and Balance’ Malta This Month, Air Malta Air Flight Magazine, no. 117, December 1999)