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Art Discussion Group - Malta

130th Meeting Artist

Ray Axiaq - expressionist painter

The 130th Art Discussion Group Meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th May 2015 at 19.30hrs at MISCO OFFICE (first floor) in Fino Building in Notabile Road, Mriehel. ADG is inviting Ray Axiaq a painter of abstract work whose passion and sensuality in his idiom is overwhelming and formidable in its vibrant, bold colour and dynamic expressionistic movement.

Actually his exhibition: ‘Panoramic’ is exhibited at the La Valette VIP Club Lounge at Malta International Airport (15 March – 15 June 2015) and later it will be moved to ‘Galleria del Borgo’ at Stefania’s Sweet Boutique in Attard that will open to the public on the 16th of June and closes on the 15th of September 2015.

‘Panoramic’ is a series of abstract paintings that start as landscapes as seen through the air, a bird’s eye view of topographical enclaves, swaths of land, a series of excavations or varied terrain. The splendid, vibrant colour coupled with large forms and shapes make thrilling and exciting reading of the calligraphy, an expressive language dynamic and free. Fresh and emotional Ray Axiaq succeeds to relate the historical development of painting to a modern concept and vision. His recent thesis for his B. A. (Hons.) in Fine Arts analyses the work of local artists who have developed from figurative to abstract. Such studies might have helped him to comprehend his own evolvement. Being a rebel Ray’s priority is his liberty and freedom of expression.

‘My current work focuses on abstract landscape paintings. I take scenes from nature as my starting point, and then, reacting spontaneously, I allow the painting process to transform them. In my art, I want to establish a sensation, a sensual love, a tie-knot between the viewer and my work. My paintings do not have to be a narrative, but instead stimulate through composition, colour, shape & form, gesture, texture and brush stroke harmony of the emotions and feelings. I feel that abstraction cannot be rationally interpreted, but that it absolutely speaks to you through your intuition. For me, art, like music, needs to communicate but not necessarily be understood’. Ray almost implies that his work is automatic gestures and reflexes, an attempt at action painting or better still a fusion of de Staël’s and Pollock’s techniques.

Ray is a romantic expressionist, an abstract expressionist of feeling, of strong colour, of dynamic movement and gesture, of thick and creased texture, of deep emotion and profound passion. He loves large spaces and is born to create murals as his enormous triptych demonstrates. He loves space as he loves liberty and freedom and he flies on the wings of fantasy and imagination in the spaces he creates as he fills with brush strokes large shapes and forms. This ‘larghezza’ marks him as a rebel fighting for freedom.

His language need not be understood but his calligraphy can be read. If it is not rational and if it does not make sense it is no problem cause if art is a reflection of life it need hardly be understood. As if the land can be understood in its beauty, mystery and enigma. The land is sacred if it is untainted, unravished, untouched and such it is a prayer and a blessing. The understanding lies in the therapy and healing as a mother her child. Man needs wisdom to feel the soothing balm and gentle caress of nature. He will then understand the incomprehensible.

Ray’s painting acts in the same manner. His expression heals and gives pleasure and joy.

ADG invites all members and their friends and the public to enjoy meeting Ray Axiaq the painter of abstracts and share with him the pleasure and the joy of his creations without ignoring the profound psychic struggle and pain in conception.

E. V. Borg

Chairman ADG

29. 04. 2015