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Art Discussion Group - Malta

167th Meeting Artist



The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 167th meeting on Tuesday 25th June 2019 at 19.30hrs at the ‘Ċentru Parrokkjali’, 36 Idmejda St., Balzan (next to the Good Shepherd Church). The ADG has chosen Ray Axiaq as their invited guest for the month of June. 

As an artist of abstract images Ray is preparing for a personal show at Cavalieri Art Hotel, Renoir Gallery (duration 1st July – 18th August 2019) with an unusual theme: Music & Painting: Sound & Colour – Painting Music and Playing a Painting. In reality the exhibition is the result of his studies to obtain a second degree. The actual findings will be produced in a happening before the inauguration on the 5th of July to invited guests. The ADG event will serve as a kind of preview, a taste of what the artist would like to reveal and expose in his exhibition.

Symphony of Love, 

2019, 100 x 100 cm, acrylic on canvas

Composition of Keys, 

2019, 120 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas

Jailhouse F minor, 
2019, 120 x 90, acrylic on canvas

Being a rebel Ray’s priority is his liberty and freedom of expression. “I feel that abstraction cannot be rationally interpreted, but that it absolutely speaks to you through your intuition. For me, art, like music, needs to communicate but not necessarily be understood”. Ray almost implies that his work is automatic gestures and reflexes, an attempt at action painting or better still, a fusion of de Staël’s and Pollock’s techniques.

“His language need not be understood but his calligraphy can be read. If it is not rational and if it does not make sense it is no problem cause if art is a reflection of life it need hardly be understood. As if the land can be understood in its beauty, mystery and enigma. The land is sacred if it is untainted, unravished, untouched and such it is a prayer and a blessing. The understanding lies in the therapy and healing as a mother her child. Man needs wisdom to feel the soothing balm and gentle caress of nature. He will then understand the incomprehensible”.

In contrast to this critique of 2015 the actual work is applied to music and though Ray feels free in the choice of subject he inserts in the composition the notations of music in a code he has invented to surpass the traditional musical scores that has become an international language like Esperanto. Ray thinks that it is high time to change things as tradition usually gives way to evolving change. The artist does not lose his freedom completely but in his empirical exercise he exploited geometric shapes to evolve a code that can be easily read and played. The transformation is not always easy yet his Geometric Abstract replaces his Abstract Expressionism.

He is enthusiastic to share with our members and friends a collection of his work and discuss his vision and concept on art. Ray Axiaq will answer questions from the floor regarding his vision, concept, approach and technique. He will also elaborate about particular works that give him great satisfaction.

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E.V. Borg

ADG Chairman