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Art Discussion Group - Malta

160th Meeting Artist



The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 160th meeting on Tuesday 27th November 2018 at 19.30hrs at the ‘Ċentru Parrokkjali’, 36 Idmejda St., Balzan (next to the Good Shepherd Church). Ray Piscopo will be meeting our members and friends to discuss his work, vision and concept regarding his new creations recently exhibited under the title ‘Social & Modern’ at ‘Dar Qalb ta’ Ġesu’ in St Venera. A power-point presentation of his collection and a choice selection of other work will be followed by a discussion and question-time. Ray is interested or obsessed by dynamic movement, intense colour, drama and order.

‘In life I express myself by creating order and rationality in my world. Since engineering is my profession such discipline has moulded my outlook on life in a linear and regimented structure. My experience has been transformed into a series of events forming compartments or sections, so I try to break established rules and boundaries by being non-conformist. Total adherence to entrenched ideas only creates clinical art. My works are bold excursions into the unknown’.

Follow the Lights

The Beggar Boys

You cannot change Destiny

The work by Ray Piscopo is easily recognizable by the force within, usually a mass or crowd of struggling figures vying for attention and importance as in real life. Man/woman grow in intimate relationship with others or with a chosen companion. The greater the relationships the more change and growth. This is the only education, the growth in a group and such is termed the education of life. Learning by rote or by heart and its artificial examination only leads to a dead end, to frustration. What we learn by heart is quickly forgotten different from learning through experience/contact that heals and nourishes.

‘Follow the Light’ is a practical example of Ray’s vision or concept as a palliative for those who suffer. The bright light in the painting is the source of hope, of courage towards a brighter future. For those who seek the ‘Light’ there is always hope. In fact we often say ‘he saw the light’ to mean that the person is finally immune to pain and suffering. He is healed. In the painting the figures are constricted into a small space or there is very little breathing space left in the composition. This intensifies the atrocious pain felt by the protagonists that compete for the intense light showered on them as a therapy for healing. The artist is seeking a spiritual ideal and and concludes that physical well being is only derived through such ideals.

Ray Piscopo studied in the early 70’s under Antoine Camilleri (1922-2005) considered one of our leading artists. Ray has attended life classes for a three-year period under the supervision of Anton Calleja (b.1955) who regards the human figure as an essential tool in academic training.  He also attended at Luciana Notturni workshop on mosaics in Ravenna, Italy. For three years Ray Piscopo also attended classes at the Mosta Institute of Arts and Design in Ceramics under the tutorship of George Muscat.  And in 2008 the artist won 2nd prize in an art competition: 3°Premio Piero Della Francesca in Arezzo, Italy. In 2009 Ray Piscopo attended a 3 weeks art master class in Salzburg with Hubert Scheibl, a foremost artist in Germany and Austria. He used a style much similar to artist Gerhard Richter that employs scraping over layers and layers of paint. In 2010 Ray attended another 3 week master class session in Venice, with the renowned Senegalese artist Amadou Sow. Amadou is known for his micro-painting and for designing Tattingers champagne bottle labels.

ADG invites its members, their friends and the public to this cultural and artistic event that would surely interest those with an inquisitive mind about art and craft.

E. V. Borg


ADG Chairman