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by Susan Galea Borg

The atmosphere is heavy with pollen, the air is hazy or light mist and the mood is of April weather that like a drug produces a sense of lethargy, instils languor and listlessness. The work is dainty and delicate applied in clean and fresh watercolour blobs of paint as in Divisionism or Pointillism. The theme is flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, a riot of flowers, of colour, pleasing and harmonious.

Poppies, daisies, sunflowers and the gladiolus family inspire Susan in her enthusiasm and dedication to apply what she had learnt of design in creating jewellery to painting. The nearest she could reach out to gems was flowers. The gladiolus (no. 31) is a vertical composition of a blade or sword-like plant with a soft explosion of multiple blossoms reaching upwards into space. 

Some of the daisies wilt in the sun others are vigorous and strong. With poppies the artist demonstrates her love and excitement for this velvety flower. On occasions she emanates a kind of child-like joy painting a stretch of garden behind a fence that projects memories of her stay in England. From her back patio in Pembroke she enjoys a view of the sea and sea shore.

The collection includes a few landscapes, .a scene across from her studio roof, Lazzaretto on Manoel Island and some trees in Attard. Her poetic or lyrical feelings capture a light blue sky changing colour as rose slivers of clouds penetrate the space gradually but passionately.

The collection includes original works and prints in four-colour or in a monochrome velvety-blue with gold flakes. This is Susan’s first exhibition but with her enthusiasm and determination she will surely regain the satisfaction she found in designing jewellery.

E. V. Borg

24. 02. 2017

Bio Data

Born in London and grew up in England. I attended Barnet Art College where I became interested in further study of design. Subsequent to that I attended the Central School of Art and Design in Holborn London graduating with a BA Hons in design specialising in jewellery. For a number of years I worked as a freelance jeweller in a shared workshop at 5 Dryden Street Covent Garden. My jewellery was sold in top London stores, exhibited in galleries and I also made items of jewellery for private clients.

My interest is now in painting and the works on display are a result of paintings done in 2016 and 2017. Although I did not study painting at art school I find it to be a source of great joy and am happy to once again be on a journey of creativity. I am a member of the Malta Society of Arts. I currently live in Pembroke and I have a studio for painting in St Julians.