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Art Discussion Group - Malta

94th Artist Meeting

Tra Sacro e Profano - Cari Privitera

The Art Discussion Group (ADG) will be holding its 94th meeting on Tuesday 3rd May at 19.00 hrs at MISCO Training Centre (first floor on right) in Fino Showrooms in Notabile Road Mriehel.  Cari Privitera (1971- ) who is exhibiting at Cavalieri Hotel (6th May - 6th June, 2011) is our guest artist for May. 

Cari Privitera is a multifaceted diamond, an artist with considerable talent: decorator, painter, sculptor and restorer. Her classical and academic background enhances her graphic and pictorial powers and she exploits such advantage with bravura and virtuosity. 

She loves the old masters and her eclectic nature nourished by various influences yearns for excellence in painting masterpieces not as a mere academic exercise or for pure interpretation but to prove to herself and to others her great gifts in design and painting. Her remote Surrealist past with symbolic undertones has gradually faded into a more physical and sensual naturalism – a personal concept and vision of life around her. In a power point presentation Cari Privitera will show the actual collection being presented at Cavalieri Hotel and will answer any question from the floor and expand about technique.

Her philosophical approach, her human and humane stance to life, her love of animals, her compassion for suffering humanity, her acute involvement with sculpture, her initial obsession with Surrealist and symbolic tendencies and her love of the masters coupled with her technical bravura are all represented in this varied collection of painting and sculpture in an exhibition at Cavalieri Hotel St. Julians, Malta organized between May and June 2011. 

The corpus of work reveal explicitly an artist reaching out towards excellence in an involved, enthusiastic, felt and focused manner.

Cari Privitera was born in Catania, in 1971. In her infancy her family moved house to Germany and she lived there for seven years. After her return to Sicily she attended art schools and finally qualified as a ‘Maestro d’arte in architettura ed arredamento’ and became ‘Decoratrice pittorica’ in the Accademia di Belle Arte of Catania. For several years she worked at a restoration laboratory for art objects that gave her the chance of becoming an art connoisseur of antiques and at the same time falling madly in love with th

e subject. She painted with gusto for a long period and the necessity to create the third dimension opened wide the possibility of experimenting with sculpture. 

She applied her knowledge by teaching sculpture through projects and courses she organized in different schools opening laboratories or workshops for differently abled and less gifted students. She presently lives in Via Grande near Acireale in open countryside in the shadow of ice capped Etna.

Cari Privitera will arrive in Malta on Monday 2nd May 2011 and will be staying at Cavalieri Hotel till Saturday 7th May 2011.

E. V. Borg

Chairman ADG