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Art Discussion Group - Malta


Unity in Diversity

‘Unity in Diversity’ is an artistic and cultural event, an effort to bring together 16 contemporary artists to demonstrate unity in variety. The artists, members of the Art Discussion Group (ADG) expressed a desire to band and bond together to prove that unity is strength. Non-members will also be invited to participate in future events as the main scope of the Group is inclusive: to promote art and friendship. This actual collection (about 100 works) is a wide and varied representation of local art, an open window on our creative and imaginative vision, technical impulse, talents and abilities.

The works of Mario Agius are bold, rough and uncouth. Carved in wood they follow nature’s way as the artist exploits the dynamics of the trunk without diminishing its strength. The head of ‘David’ is an accomplished work that exploits to good use our honeycombed globigerina. 

Massive robust and heavy Ray Azzopardi’s works show that he is a master carver in wood. At times the elegance and nobility in his work mitigate his strong, bold and massive statuesque approach to social realism.

                   George Muscat

The ceramic works of Kenneth Grima emanate mysterious forces of a primitive world, formal but suggestive amulets that radiate sympathetic magic. Mystery, magic and enigma are his hallmark.

George Muscat reaches a subtle balance between aesthetics and technique. He fuses the decorative with a bold colourful idiom that has instant impact and at the same time a lasting impression on the viewer. His more subtle pieces are meditative and contemplative.

Mary Attard presents a bold colourful photographic statement with her reflections in water and more subtle feelings expressed in ‘Seaweed’. She is highly creative in her choice of subject. 

Ruben Buhagiar presents the beauty in life with a dynamic passion, involvement and enthusiasm. He is a romantic expressionist.

Mario Borg Sillato’s expression in engraved wood is bold, vigorous and dynamic in its ‘chiaroscuro’ and monochrome quality. He is a mystic and visionary. 

Anthony P. Vella is a spiritual visionary with a deep understanding of interior design coupled with a love of architecture and an acute sense of graphic design. He succeeds to fuse these facets into highly expressive low relief panels using sawdust.

Ruben Buhagiar

Dora Alden

Louis Mifsud

Carmel Bonello

Patrick Scicluna

Patrick Scicluna

Ray Azzopardi

Kenneth Grima

Aaron Formosa.

George Scicluna

Joseph Casapinta

Mario Agius

Mary Attard

Martin Scicluna

Mario Borg Sillato

Carmel Bonello is a formidable expressionist with a dynamic, powerful and forceful idiom backed by the experience of a lifetime; 

Patrick Scicluna’s expression with its dreamy softness evokes a hallucinating and hypnotic atmosphere while the ‘natura morta’ by Aaron Formosa is full of life and imbued by an existence in self.

In soft pastel Martin Formosa waves his magic wand and creates a legendary mythical world with sentimental and romantic landscapes, giant waves dashing on the rocks and lyrical nooks and corners of unspoilt countryside. 


George Scicluna depicts studies of faces and hands with intertwined fingers. The psychological studies underline George’s obsession with mental aberrations, with the unchartered regions of the mind.

Dora Alden can be bold, strong, spontaneous and impulsive with provoking effect. Her watercolours are passionate, vigorous and warm full of emotion and feeling. 

Louis Mifsud is clean, precise and clinical when he projects deep spaces in wonderful perspectives that evoke mood, silence and chiselled architectural planes. His light is fabulous. 

Joseph Casapinta creates poetic and lyrical enclaves, oases of peace cocooned in serenity, tranquillity and quiet. He is the contemplative artist. His ‘olive tree’ caresses the sky with its fingers. 

It is astounding how different and varied media project the individual artist. This vast collection enhances the premises of the Malta Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce and pays tribute to its long history and valid contribution to the arts.

E.V. Borg