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Two Exhibitions
Zhang Tingqun & Yang Zhiling

On the occasion of Valletta International Visual Arts Festival (VIVA) 2018, Fondazzjoni Kreattività has joined hands with China Cultural Centre in Malta (CCC), and is coordinating two art Exhibitions by Chinese artists, Zhang Tingqun and Yang Zhiling, which are both curated by Dr Liang Shuhan as part of the VIVA 2018 Programme.

Zhang Tingqun’s exhibition of geometric abstracts: ‘The Shape of Volition’ is presented at the China Cultural Centre in Melita Street Valletta (April 16 – May 15) while ‘The Tao of Nature’ by Yang Zhiling of Abstract Expressionist works is organized at Space A, Spazju Kreattiv, St. James Cavalier, Valletta (April 22 – May 20).

A Curator`s Tour & Talk, delivered by curator Dr Liang Shuhan and moderated by Dr Toni Sant, will take place in Valletta on Friday 27th April 2018 (attendance by reservation on a first-come first served basis , tel: 21225055 or e-mail: [email protected] by Friday 20th April 2018). Both exhibitions are expected to stimulate a discussion about the development of Art in China and aim at educating the public on the subject. The event forms part of Art Additives - a series of satellite events pertaining to the Spazju Kreattiv contemporary visual arts programme.


Zhang Tingqun non-figurative and non-representational expression exploits the geometric circular motif in a pattern of repeated modules as in OP Art to express the illusion of movement. 

Possibly the concept behind the 16 paintings evolve from Mondrian’s theory that the curve is plotted on the right angle formed by a vertical and horizontal line. 

The rhythm created by the calligraphic tendency is probably intended to stimulate the mystical in the viewer. 


Yang Zhiling’s exhibition is partly an installation with a section for paintings. The painting is a brand in the Abstract Expressionist style expressing vigorous and strong emotions that seem to be inspired by natural wonders such as dramatic sunsets and volcanic activity and lava flows. 

The emotional impact is impressive and highly sensual emanating feelings usually reserved for atmospheric and moody skies. 

The hanging scrolls and loops explicitly suggest action or gestural painting as in Pollock. The latter two features with added movement and music are meant to create a spectacle. 

Fusing these elements might surprise the visitor. The saturation of colour in transparent liquid melts solid blobs into smoky halos of cigarette smoke that float like a gaseous spirit. Matter becomes immaterial.

Both exhibitions should stimulate questions about the permanence or the ephemeral properties of modern expression. Is art original or innovative? Is there anything new under the sun? Or is artistic expression cyclical and rises and develops in a spiral that repeats itself but is not identical? Can modern man rise to the challenge and achieve the bravura and virtuosity of the masters?

Exhibition 1

" The Shape of Volition " by Zhang Tingqun curated by Dr Liang Shuhan 

Official link:

Exhibition 2
" The 'Tao' of Nature " by Yang Zhiling curated by 
Is it “Modern” or “Contemporary”? What does “Modern Art” mean in China? – Curator’s Tour & Talk
Friday 27 April 2018, 7:00 pm

NB: Watch videos of the two artists:

Artist Zhang Tingqun ( The Shape of Volition)
Artist Yang Zhiling ( The Tao of Nature)

Two media coverage clips can be seen here: and - for the latter scroll video to 91.33 hrs to get to the Chinese aritsts' clip...

E. V. Borg Curator & art critic